Jason Fletcher

Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

Practising in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

stress managment

Hypnotherapy is Unique

Provides Simple Relaxation Techniques


Clinical Hypnosis

Works Directly With The Subconscious Mind

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Many inappropriate fears start due to one single event. That is, some single event initiated the inappropriate fear and this has been stored


Personal Development

Stop Smoking, Weight Control, Stress Management, Emotional issues, Inappropriate/debilitating, Improving Sleep, Pain Control, Boosting Self-confidence


Stress Management

Chronic stress may bring about serious health problems. It is thought to be a major contributing factor in illnesses such as heart disease



The Hypnotherapist can act as a ‘guide’ to assist you with your personal development and growth. Hypnotherapy, is the use of hypnosis


Hypnotherapist in Nottinghamshire

Jason Fletcher – FNCP SQHP PICT D.Hyp.

JasonJason is a well-established Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist practising in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Jason’s qualifications, and experience include Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, EFT, NLP and Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT Practitioner). Jason offers a bespoke approach – tailoring individual sessions to suit your needs. Practicing Hypnotherapy to help stop smoking and with other issues, Jason has over 15 years experience lecturing/practising Complementary Therapy.

With a strong background in therapy – both as a practitioner and a trainer – as a hypnotherapist, he has always been keen to emphasise that Clinical Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is a caring and life-enhancing profession used for therapeutic purposes – rather than for entertainment – Jason has previously given many talks and short courses to help promote the therapeutic possibilities with clinical hypnosis.

Jason is a Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists (est. 1971) and has been awarded a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice through the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. Through these organisations he follows a strict code of ethics.

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Hypnotherapy Training in Nottingham Derbyshire & across the UK

In his role as the Principal of a Hypnotherapy Training School – MindWorks Therapy Training, Jason runs a Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s training course in Nottingham, Derbyshire & across the UK for those wishing to undertake training to become a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy.

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Supervision Training

Being able to offer Supervision for therapy, enables the practitioner to provide support and guidance, encourage development of practise, and help both therapists and their clients reach their full potential.

Parks Inner Child Therapy

Parks Therapy offers a fast, rapid, thorough and comfortable experience. Originally created for adult survivors of childhood abuse, by Penny Parks, the therapy offers lasting change for all manner of issues.

Supervision for Therapists

Supervision for therapy practitioners provides support and guidance to encourage you to develop your practice and help both you and your clients reach full potential.


I’ve had a fear of vomiting since I was a child, and gradually over the years it had begun to take over my life, however on meeting Jason this is beginning to change, my confidence has returned and I am seeing much more of a positive future in front of me! Jason made me feel very relaxed and reassured about how I would feel during hypnosis. I was expecting to need more sessions, but after the first session the changes were brilliant! Family and friends have noticed changes too. I just want to say a “BIG” thankyou to you Jason for your time and help

Phobia ClientDerbyshire

The PICT experience has not only solved the main issue I had, but has had so many other helpful side effects. Behaviours that I had assumed were just something I had to accept, have melted away, effortlessly. As a result of PICT, I am so much more confident motivated and fulfilled in my work and personal life.

The changes I feel and others see in me, are astounding and lasting. Thank you.