Removing phobias for a calmer life

Removing phobias for a calmer life. To those people who have never suffered a phobia, it can be hard to recognise the overpowering fear they can create. Phobias can be attached to any circumstance, person (like policeman) or object, and the sufferer experiences a strong emotional reaction each time they encounter the phobic trigger. Even… Read More

How a hypnotic approach builds confidence

A blueprint for confidence making use of hypnosis As a civilisation, we are becoming more and more isolated as we converse ever more through computers/Smart Phones/Tables and less and less via face to face communications. It is all too easy for individuals to become isolated from society and as a hypnotherapist I am seeing increasingly… Read More

How to Manage Social Anxiety

Overcoming Social Difficulties Social anxiety disorder is a very common form of anxiety. This might affect anyone at any time, and results in problems with everyday circumstances, from going shopping to talking to people on the phone. It is not out of the ordinary for social anxiety to result in problems at work and in… Read More