NCP Accredited/GHR Acknowledged Supervisor


If you are a therapist looking for supervision, call Jason to arrange your FREE 30 minute introductory supervision session on 07739 466318. Or, click here to send Jason an email.

Supervision for therapy practitioners provides support and guidance to encourage you to develop your practice and help both you and your clients reach full potential.

It should also be borne in mind that Supervision is now becoming a mandatory requirement for registration to many ethical therapy bodies.


Why do we need Supervision ?

  • To obtain clarification of our (therapeutic) work
  • To share experiences
  • To Develop awareness
  • There is opportunity to discuss our work
  • To learn new skills
  • To consider new perspectives


As an NCP Accredited Supervisor/practitioner of Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy and a wide range of other complementary therapies I can provide and offer guidance with:

  • Developing your practise,
  • Enhancing effective work with clients;
  • A supportive and empathic setting for you to discuss your client work


Contact Jason or Call 01773 761459 / 07739 466318 to discuss your supervision requirements.