Help with overcoming Phobias in Nottingham

  • Phobias and inappropriate fears are usually a protective mechanism – an over-reaction of our natural subconscious defence mechanisms.
  • The triggers for an inappropriate fear are stored in the subconscious. Clinical hypnosis is ideal as it works directly with the subconscious mind.
  • An ‘unlearning’ of phobias and inappropriate fears can occur just as quickly but more comfortably than they were learnt in the first instance.
  • Many people can overcome phobias in only 1-2 sessions.


Quick and Effective Relief

Many inappropriate fears start due to one single event. That is, some single event initiated the inappropriate fear and this has been stored in the subcoscious mind where it continues to run over and over again. Therefore, by using hypnosis we can utilise this rapid and natural ability of the subconscious to unlearn the inappropriate fear, often just as quickly as it was created.


Peace of Mind

Rest assured that you are not required to have contact with any triggers for phobias during the session.

The work to be undertaken will be explained to you allowing you to relax, and feel comfortable with the process.


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