Overcome Phobias in NottinghamHelp to Overcome Phobias in Nottingham and Derbyshire

Phobias can create all kinds of challenges, and for some, cause huge negative impact on their day to day lives.

The extreme reaction that can be experienced with a Phobia can be overwhelming, with unpleasant physical and emotional feelings of panic.

When this strong reaction occurs, you may have little power to stop this - and it is not your fault.  Your subconscious mind is likely running an old program of the fear, that at some point in the past it believed you needed for protection or safety.

Now however, this Phobia program has continued when it is no longer helpful for you, and is probably stopping you from doing things you would like to do, or has you avoiding certain situations.

To summarise how Phobias work:-

  • Fears are usually a protective mechanism – an over-reaction of our natural subconscious defence mechanisms.
  • The triggers for an inappropriate fear remain stored in the subconscious  running over and over like old recordings (until we reconnect with the subconscious to resolve these)

Quick and Effective Relief

By connecting directly with the subconscious with hypnosis we can utilise this rapid and natural ability of the subconscious to unlearn the inappropriate fear, often just as quickly as it was when first created.

Over the last 17 years, Jason has worked with all different experiences helping people overcome Phobias in Nottingham, Derbyshire and with clients visiting from all over the UK. He has also undertaken advanced specialist training for helping his clients with phobic responses.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that you are not required to have contact with any triggers for phobias during appointments.

The work to be undertaken will be explained to you clearly, allowing you to relax, and feel comfortable with the process.  Many people with phobic experiences like to firstly attend for a Free Consultation to chat about how hypnotherapy can help and what may take place during a session.

Appointments are available at Jason's practice within the tranquil setting of Strelley Hall close to Nottingham and Derbyshire.

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