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What is Hypnotherapy?

Also referred to as 'Clinical Hypnosis', Hypnotherapy is the use of 'Hypnosis' for promoting well-being, and other therapeutic purposes (rather than for entertainment, or 'Stage Hypnosis').

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis could be referred to as a state of trance. This could be described as a state of focused and relaxed awareness anywhere between being awake and asleep.  Trance is a natural state that we enter easily every day.

Have you ever driven along the road, and not remembered the last mile you drove? Or, read a page of a book and forgotten it all!? This is trance. Have you ever watched a film and 'zoned out' - this is likely the trance state too.

During a session, this natural state is enhanced to assist your subconscious mind in creating your desired changes.

After a state of Hypnosis is created, and enhanced, verbal suggestions and imagery is used to help you in achieving your goals, or making any positive change.

Unlike some talking therapies, utilising the trance state, you are able to connect more readily with your subconscious mind - where beliefs, behaviours and experiences are stored and operated from.  Making a connection with the subconscious allows for change to occur at a deeper level than can be achieved through the conscious mind alone.

What will I experience during Hypnosis?

Everyone has their own individual experience of trance, though clients frequently report experiencing a pleasant deep relaxation, and a sense of experiencing an altered state.



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