Hypnotherapy in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire: – Testimonials

Rachel, Stop-Smoking Client


I was initially sceptical, but after 20 years as a smoker and endless attempts to give up, I eventually followed my sister’s advice and tried quitting with hypnosis.

I had one session with Jason and have not smoked since – getting on for four years ago.

Sandy, Stop-Smoking Client


“Well I have passed the 4 weeks and not had a cigarette and not even wanted one.

I thought I would be climbing the walls after 45 years of smoking but it has been great.

Thank you for your help.”

Emma, Stop-Smoking Client


‘Hi jason, just wanted to let you know it’s been a week and amazingly i haven’t had a cigarette, but more suprisingly i haven’t wanted one either !!!!’

‘my update would be that it’s been over a month and i haven’t had so much as a desire to smoke and i feel great’

Dawn, Stop-Smoking Client


‘Hiya Jason,

Hope you are well? I’m doing great!
Your session worked really well. I do not want a cigarette, I do not crave a cigarette and I have not substituted cigarettes for anything else, I’ve actually lost weight!”

Overcoming Fears and Phobias in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire:- Testimonials

Phobia Client


“I’ve had a fear of vomiting since I was a child, and gradually over the years it had begun to take over my life, however on meeting Jason this is beginning to change, my confidence has returned and I am seeing much more of a positive future in front of me! Jason made me feel very relaxed and reassured about how I would feel during hypnosis. I was expecting to need more sessions, but after the first session the changes were brilliant! Family and friends have noticed changes too. I just want to say a “BIG” thankyou to you Jason for your time and help”

Phobia/Panic Attacks Client


”I prefer the more holistic approach so I contacted Jason who was recommended to me by a friend, who had also had success with hypnosis.

It was great, I managed to get on the plane with no attack of nerves, I just said a key word that was given to me by Jason and I was calm the whole flight.

I would highly recommend this professional and successful service.

Karen, client overcoming Dental Phobia


“Dear Jason, I went to the Dentist for a filling on Thursday and was absolutely fine – I couldn’t believe how calm I felt – In the past, I would have cancelled the appointment or been a quivering wreck in the chair…

I even went back again for more cosmetic work – it’s amazing! Can’t thank you enough – never thought I’d get rid of this…and especially with it working so quickly”

Elaine, ‘Fear of interviews’

Hypnotherapy Client, Nottingham

“Jason, just wanted to thank you for all your help. I had the interview yesterday and felt totally calm and confident….The interviewer even praised me on my interview skills!”

(PICT) Parks Inner Child Therapy in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire:- Testimonials

With much appreciation, Julia


Dear Jason,

Many thanks for your invaluable support over the past few months.

I’ve found the whole experience profoundly gentle, subtle, internally very moving and affirming.

I feel much more able to cope with the stresses in my life now and have a welcome confidence that my personal foundations are well grounded.

I’ve recommended PICT to some of my friends.

Anonymous female Client


Hi Jason, I just wanted to drop you a line to say ‘Thank-You’ for the work and impact you have had on me over the last four weeks.

The PICT programme really has been life changing to me but in addition to that your manner, approachability and the way you broke things down and articulated certain aspects of the programme really helped me understand.

So, a massive Thank-You!



The PICT experience has not only solved the main issue I had, but has had so many other helpful side effects. Behaviours that I had assumed were just something I had to accept, have melted away, effortlessly. As a result of PICT, I am so much more confident motivated and fulfilled in my work and personal life.

The changes I feel and others see in me, are astounding and lasting. Thank you.

B, Leicestershire

Anonymous male client

I have gained the ability to reflect on my past and re-assess my relationships and improve lines of communication. I feel more confident and assertive in my life, work, and relationships.

Jason is supportive and empathic, and he provides an emotionally safe environment.

This has been a life changing and gentle form of therapy. Produces tears of joy and enlightenment, and the emotional burdens just lifted, like a weight off my shoulders.



Since going through the PICT programme with Jason, I have become more confident, more adventurous and less worried about what others think of me. The changes were not always evident immediately, but revealed themselves gradually in very natural ways, in that I found myself doing things I was once fearful of, without a second thought.

Jason is a very inspiring practitioner and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, and the PICT method, to anyone requiring lasting change in their behavioural patterns.

Thank you Jason!



I have gained self-confidence, being able to see a better future, able to say no. I have put the past in the past, where it belongs.

PICT with Jason is a life-enhancing experience and I have already recommended to others.