Hypnotherapy in KimberleyHypnotherapy in Kimberley

If you are looking for Hypnotherapy in Kimberley, Jason Fletcher Hypnotherapy & Coaching is located nearby at the peaceful surroundings of Strelley Hall within the picturesque Strelley Village.  Ample parking is available with both daytime and evening appointments available. Jason Fletcher Hypnotherapy & Coaching also offers online (via most video conferencing platforms) and telephone.

Strelley Hall, Main Street
Strelley Village
Nottingham NG8 6PE


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Jason Fletcher Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Are you seeking to overcome anxiety?

Do you want to feel more confident with certain situations, or just with life in general?

Perhaps you want to quit smoking once and for all? Or, Manage weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle?

Whatever your issue or goal - Jason offers a tailored approach for you to  quickly, thoroughly, and comfortably achieve your desired results.

Many people have found help with Hypnotherapy, and clients have found it to be a relaxing and uplifting experience.

Jason is a highly experienced therapist who has been practising Hypnotherapy for 17 years and specialises in working with Phobias, Anxiety, overcoming habits and trauma.

Working in the well-being sector for over 20 years, Jason has vast experience in the therapy field which he brings to his hypnotherapy work.  He has been the Principal and Lead Course Tutor for MindWorks Therapy Training - running Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training for those wishing to train as Hypnotherapists themselves.

Jason is always keen to emphasise to every client that Hypnotherapy is a caring and life-enhancing practice - he works with clinical hypnosis and does not use hypnosis for entertainment (stage hypnotism).

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