Social Anxiety
Overcoming Social Difficulties

Social anxiety disorder is a very common form of anxiety.

This might affect anyone at any time, and results in problems with everyday circumstances, from going shopping to talking to people on the phone.

It is not out of the ordinary for social anxiety to result in problems at work and in our friendships and the problems can be different and subtle.

Grocery shopping, speaking in public, meeting close friends – there’s lots of situations which can be tough to a sufferer of social phobia, especially if they genuinely feel they are being watched.

Some also fear being criticised, and might wind up avoiding contact with people.

A person with social anxiety may well have low self-esteem and actually feel insecure, which may cause problems within intimate relationships.

Not dealt with, the levels of anxiety and fear may generalise and intensify until the person begins to suffer panic and anxiety attacks.

The stress of recurring social anxiety can lead to mental health problems such as depression, and can lead men and women to self-medicate with alcohol or other substances to get away from the feelings of anxious feelings.

At this stage, they are likely to go through a breakdown in relationships or friendships and difficulties maintaining work or socialising with other people, but also accomplishing general routine tasks like going shopping or even posting a letter.

Social anxiety disorder can be particularly debilitating, however there are ways in which it can usually be treated with such things as hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy helps to establish whether or not there is a hidden issue, perhaps an experience from the past which has evolved into feelings of fear, insecurity and anxiousness.

Hypnotherapy aims to help the individual overcome these feelings and anxieties.

By changing the way the subconscious mind perceives past memories as well as the behaviour patterns; hypnosis can help the person to engage in more positive thought processes and increases confidence and control.

Hypnotherapy processes help the person to get rid of the associated problems and go back to a normal life devoid of social anxiety.

The benefit of hypnotherapy is that it works jointly with the parts of the mind in charge of maintaining the issue, so regardless of how big a problem it was before, it can begin to improve.

Relationships, social events, and general daily life should no longer pose a problem in their lives, and they are likely to feel a sense of confidence and increased self-worth.

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