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A blueprint for confidence making use of hypnosis

As a civilisation, we are becoming more and more isolated as we converse ever more through computers/Smart Phones/Tables and less and less via face to face communications. It is all too easy for individuals to become isolated from society and as a hypnotherapist I am seeing increasingly more evidence of this.

This rise in the use of Social Media for chatting with friends has a cost, in particular we aren't practising our verbal communication skills and even worse many children are hardly learning them at all. Programmes like Skype and Facetime help as we can get some of the visual cues but it is just not the same as being there with the individual.

Thus, if we are losing these communication skills and we are not cultivating new ones, where will it end? The absence of social skills could potentially cause real difficulties for people, for example when meeting new people or being in large social groups, as they just will not truly feel up to the job.

However, these difficulties are just making an existing problem more intense.

Improving confidence is in all likelihood one of the most common issues I see in my hypnosis practice, in particular when the client is confronting group social functions. Generally, they will say that they feel self-conscious or they're worried that they will say the improper thing and appear silly. Generally, their solution is to steer clear of the limelight and thereby ensure that they do not end up being the centre of attention.

A hypnotic approach is very effective at solving this kind of issue. Utilising hypnotherapy strategies to give someone confidence will not completely resolve the problem long term. The actual reason for the problem has to be tackled before this problem can be fixed long term.

It’s all very well to put the blame on our current society, but in most cases a deficiency of self-confidence has its origins in past conditioning from critical parents or partners, bullying or being made fun of at school. Repeated comments from critical or pushy parents are yet another cause of reduced self-confidence. By reframing these past experiences we prepare the person to accept new thought processes that will not be destroyed. This being done, the hypnotherapist can begin to develop the client's self esteem. Having achieved this we will need to progress to the last portion of the hypnotherapeutic treatment.

A hypnotic approach has its limits and it is only part of the therapy.

The next step is to help the individual to build more social relationships allowing them to build their confidence naturally, which will help them truly feel more self-confident in future social conditions. Most of the time, the hypnotherapist will work with the individual to ensure they are self-assured when entering these scenarios. Joining a club or going to a night class can be enough - as long as there is a good level of social communication and interaction. When the individual enters the social scenario, whatever it is, they need to be sociable and cheerful.

Through the entire process, the hypnotherapist should help and encourage the customer. As time goes by their confidence is restored to a more natural level. By using this method the client builds the long term transformation that they came to see the hypnotherapist for.

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