Core Transformation

'Core transformation helped me understand myself so much better and the differences I have noticed are profound!  

I would recommend Core transformation with Jason  to anyone who is ready to make changes for the better and live the life they want!’  

Jodie - Core Transformation Client

Core Transformation Coaching

Core Transformation Coaching

Core Transformation coaching can be the natural choice to help you overcome many challenges. This powerful approach has assisted many people in addressing a wide range of issues, from weight management to relationship improvement, overcoming depression and anxiety, and even dealing with trauma and abuse. You can learn to transform problem emotions and behaviours like anger, self-consciousness, procrastination, and fear using Core Transformation. Furthermore, many people have worked with CT for finding fulfilling work and improving all aspects of health.

Some other methodologies could be said to "fight" against a specific problem or challenge.  Invariably, this doesn’t often work so well, we don’t usually get a solution going about it that way!

With Core Transformation coaching we welcome those aspects or ‘parts’ of ourselves that  run our problem behaviours or challenging feelings.  When this happens our system can simply relax in order to discover what these parts of ourselves really want.

Core Transformation is based on the premise that any unconscious element that governs a habit, mood, or thought is motivated or intended to be positive. When we're trying to make changes and find ourselves in a battle with ourselves or our circumstances, this can be a difficult pill to swallow. The Core Transformation process, on the other hand, can reveal that a smoker's positive intent for smoking is to "take a break" or "have some time out." Even if smoking is an undesirable habit, understanding the part's true goal can shed light on its positive motivation.

Many people are surprised to discover that the parts of themselves that are running unwanted behaviours, feelings or thoughts are actually seeking something for us at a far deeper or "core" level, that we may have simply lost touch with.

A Core State is something  that exists ongoing no matter what.  It is not depending on having something, doing something, being a certain way – it just is. We could say that our Core States are found at a ‘being-ness’ level.  A Core State might be ‘Peace’, ‘Being-ness’, ‘Wholeness’, Oneness, presence, and sometimes our Core States may not be possible to fully put into words.

Core Transformation

When these parts of ourselves realise they can have what they want at the deepest level, the Core State allows for transformation to occur. This might involve a complete letting go of the original challenge, or another kind of transformation more in alignment with our whole being.

Core Transformation (CT) process was developed by Connirae Andreas.

You can read feedback from my clients and/or read my fuller blog post explaining What is Core Transformation?

'The process is very safe, and does not involve lots of talking or re living any experiences. I am sleeping well and deeply now consistently even during a very challenging period. This is life changing and obviously beneficial for my health. I am really pleased with the impact of working with Jason (online). Being tired effected every part of my life and wellbeing. It was a very safe, deep and profound experience.' Alison - Core Transformation Coaching Client

As a Certified Core Transformation Coach I offer an initial free enquiry call for you to discover more about the Core Transformation Coaching process, and discuss any questions you may have.

And/or you may wish to read more about research that has been undertaken with the first randomized controlled trial for Core Transformation published in a Peer-Reviewed Journal


Core Transformation